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So I’ve heard about GraphQL a while ago working in Proxym from my colleague Ramy, I was intrigued to learn about this new way of consuming APIs because so far and in the android club, the REST approach is the dominant player.

It seemed very interesting and I decided to look into it , from there I did what any curious developer would do and asked the internet about it.

Turns out it’s not new after all , GraphQL was developed by Facebook since 2012 and released publicly in 2015, so let’s start by getting some questions out of the…

For the record , this is my first attempt writing an article here on Medium , although i have been a fan of the website and the android community here since a while now .
Also to be honest , i have a lot of free time now since the outbreak of the Coronavirus , so i thought i’d share with you the app that i wrote and talk about some of the details of it .

Ok let’s give it a shot , in this article we will talk about implementing MVVM in an android application with Dagger 2…

Hamdi Boumaiza

Android developper

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